Sunday, October 18, 2020

When Mobs Dictate Who Can Speak, They Dictate How We Will Live

I woke up this morning to news that Twitter had locked the account of Dr. Scott Atlas, the president's top advisor on C-19. Why? Because Dr. Atlas presented data that challenged the usefulness of masks, and an outrage mob demanded that he be silenced.

This is where we are now. As I mentioned in my last post, Facebook, Twitter, and Google will silence you if you point out anything that questions their C-19 narrative — even if the information you present comes straight from the CDC, the WHO, or practicing physicians. Doesn't matter if it's pointing out the (very high) survival rates, the fact that masks don't stop viral spread, or the success doctors have had in treating patients with a decades-old generic drug: You will be silenced for presenting “misleading and potentially harmful information.”

Yeah, potentially harmful to the media's panic narrative and Big Pharma's bottom line.

Blogger Jordan Schachtel explains that Dr. Atlas linked to, among other resources, an article from the American Institute for Economic Research, which breaks down in detail the reasons that masks are ineffective against viral spread. Schachtel also points to ongoing work from Rational Ground, in this case using graphs to show how mask mandates have made no difference in the spread of the virus. Here are just a few of Rational Ground's illustrations:

Notice here the difference between Sweden, which never locked down its population, and Israel, which is on its second lockdown:

Sweden was right,” Elon Musk said recently — and I believe he will be proved correct.

No study has ever shown masks to be effective in stopping viruses. That's why Dr. Fauci and the surgeon general himself were telling people at the height of the outbreak, at the very peak of the curve, not to mask. Nothing has changed between then and now except for the propaganda narrative. Accordingly, Dr. Atlas was attempting to illustrate the overall uselessness of mask mandates — in addition to the ongoing lockdowns.

Here's how people — people who should know better, mind you — reacted to this data that shows nothing but statistical fact:

First, you have to laugh at someone who engages in political propaganda while calling actual scientific data just that — political propaganda. George Orwell would shake his head and said he told us so.

Second, scientific data is “dangerous BS” that “will get people killed.”

Dr. Angie's last statement there really cuts to the heart of what this is all about. There appears to be a significant portion of the population — including, inexplicably, some medical practitioners — who sincerely believe that C-19 is the black plague and catching it is a death sentence. For these people, masks are something like magical talismans. Despite their porosity, despite their air gaps, masks will miraculously save you from the dreaded corona-plague. If these people had lived 500 years ago, they would have mandated that people carry crucifixes to ward off vampire attacks.

This is why maskholes act the way they do when they assault those without masks, scream in the faces of those who don't comply, or snitch on those who don't obey. They really do think you're some kind of selfish murderer, even when the virus has well over a 99% survival rate for anyone under 70, and even when there is zero evidence that masks work.

So a few people screeched on Twitter and got a medical doctor — an advisor to the president of the United States — censored. These are the people who repeatedly claim that science is on their side. So stop screeching and show the science. If you can't, all you're doing is weaponizing the word "science" against your political opponents. Kind of like when someone claims that a man can become a woman just by saying so, and then they accuse their opposition of being “anti-science” for simply pointing out the biological fact that humans have immutable XX and XY chromosomes.

The result of basing what can be said on a public platform on whoever screams the loudest will have an inevitable effect on public policy. If people are allowed to discuss only one option, that option will face little resistance when policymakers enact or perpetuate it. Consequently, mask mandates will continue despite a complete lack of evidence that they work, lockdowns will continue even though they're causing immense economic and health damage and appear to have done nothing to stop the spread of the virus, and we'll continue to quarantine healthy people rather than work toward herd immunity, which is the only way we'll ever get over this virus.

Fortunately, we have a tireless group of medical practitioners speaking up on our behalf. America's Frontline Doctors held a second White Coat Summit today in hopes of bringing some much-needed sanity to the utterly insane reaction our world has had to this virus. U.S. social media quickly banned access to the video of their first summit, and I'm sure censorship of this one will come just as swiftly. (I'm not even bothering to link to the YouTube version.) I just hope that their efforts have an effect and help to wake some people up.

I'm so tired of seeing appeals to emotion and fact-free propaganda being used to divert people from having actual discussions like rational grown-ups should. One of the tweets that Schachtel included on his blog detailing the Dr. Atlas flap really drove the point home. It came from Martin Kulldorf, a professor at Harvard Medical School:

“After 300 years, the Age of Enlightenment has ended.”

It really does feel that way, when politicized propaganda has replaced scientific discovery, when emotion outweighs reason, and when mobs with the zeal of religious fanatics can silence facts that they find inconvenient. We're moving backward, to a time when superstitious, irrational tribalism ruled human behavior. If we allow this to continue, there will be nothing left of the Enlightenment values that are the bedrock of Western civilization — only ever-increasing cries to burn the witches who dare speak the truth.

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