Monday, October 5, 2020

America's Wannabe Dictators, and Their Enablers

Generalissimo Andrew Cuomo is disappointed with your lack of compliance.

The governor, by supreme decree, will shut down any school not doing C-19 testing (even though kids are the lowest-risk group of all), and he will enact “aggressive enforcement” against any business in a “hotspot” that doesn't do what it's told. Then comes the threat, in the form of a reminder: “[W]hen the state initiated enforcement actions, compliance greatly increased.” Which is another way of saying “The last time I sent out my jackboots to threaten people with fines and arrests, they did as they were commanded.”

And if you, upstanding citizen, see any business not conforming, snitch to us and we'll make sure they get shut down.

These are the words of a bully. A dictator. A tyrant. Americans fought a war to rid themselves of people like this.

So, what is it that has Cuomo throwing a fit? I don't know. You tell me. Because this is what the case numbers look like in New York state as of Oct. 5.

And here are the number of deaths.

Let's face it: All rational thought is gone at this point with people like Cuomo. Because if Cuomo was thinking rationally, he'd see that the curve was flattened a long time ago, which is what the lockdowns were supposed to be all about, and he would open his state back up. Instead, he's bringing the full force of the state down on anyone who dares disobey him.

If he won't back off now, when will he? What is it going to take?

Are we going to see New York following in the path of the U.K. and Victoria, Australia, with their heavy-handed police-state tactics crushing any and all dissent and disobedience? Don't be surprised.

All this over a virus with a 99.7% survival rate.

Over in my home state of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer isn't any different. She recently threw a fit when the state Supreme Court smacked her down, informing her that her state of emergency could hold for only 28 days without legislative approval.

Her response? I still have three weeks to impose my will on the people, and I'm going to do everything I can to find ways around the ruling — because you peasants are staying locked down whether you like it or not.

I especially love the part about how she's helped small businesses so much. How? By threatening to arrest the owners when they try to reopen their doors?

And oh, yes, the “more deaths than the war of the day.” CNN pulled that one out of its bag of propaganda tricks recently, when it let us know in an emotionally charged report that 200,000 C-19 deaths in the United States represented more deaths than in five wars combined. What CNN didn't tell you was that over 808,000 Americans have died this year from cancer and heart disease. That's more than all the combat-related deaths in every U.S. war ever.

But that wouldn't tug at the heartstrings the same way, would it?

If you ever wondered whether the media was using this virus to peddle an agenda to keep the public fearful and controlled, you don't need any more evidence than this.

So, what do Andrew Cuomo and Gretchen Whitmer have in common with other lockdown-happy state governors, like Pennsylvania's Tom Wolf, California's Gavin Newsom, and Washington's Jay Inslee?

They're all Democrats.

Not to let Texas' Greg Abbott off the hook. For a Republican, he's been pretty awful when it comes to defending individual liberty and common sense in the face of this scamdemic. But over and over again, it's been the Democratic governors and mayors who have enacted and prolonged the most draconian crackdowns on their people. They're killing businesses in their states and cities, creating a cure that's far, far worse than the disease.

Why, though? What is it about the left that makes them act like this?

They would tell you that it's because they care so much about you. But we all know that's not it.

Is it risk aversion? Well, that seems more like a conservative trait.

What it really boils down to is that the left seems to love power. They love ruling over people. They love imposing their will on you and micromanaging your life. And that's because they don't trust most Americans to make wise decisions for themselves. They think they know best. They see themselves as parents ruling over helpless children, barking out orders and demanding your complete, unquestioning obedience and submission. And they'll even tell you scary stories to keep you fearful and compliant — like C-19 is the bogeyman, and if you dare disobey, you could die or even kill someone else. So wear your mask, stay home until we say you can leave, and don't you dare question us. Disobey, and you will be punished.

Of course, looking at the responses to Cuomo and Whitmer's tweets suggests that maybe Americans really are as stupid as the Democrats think.

Please, I'm begging you, force the people around me to comply.

Smash that boot into their face even harder!

Why can't we have a tyrannical dictator for president? Maybe if Biden wins, we can have our own Australian-style police state right here!

Look at me hiding behind my mask. I'm so sacred. Please take away all my freedoms, and the freedoms of all my friends and neighbors, too.

I will do whatever you say. The virus kills 0.3% of those it infects and has little to no effect on the overwhelming majority of the general population, and masks don't work, but I believe in science. I have a rational mind, which is why I think Republicans kill people with the virus.

Why is a court of law putting the law above my fear?

I love my Dear Leader for putting safety before freedom! Who's Benjamin Franklin?

Well, we agree on that last sentence.

This is why we're doomed. It would be easy enough to stand up to a few tyrants in power and push back. After all, we vastly outnumber them. But when they have so many obedient sheep letting them get away with the endless enforcement of unjustified restrictions on all our lives, this will never end.

Cuomo, Whitmer, and all their ilk are drunk on power. They're going to take all they can get, and trust me, they don't intend to ever give it back.

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