Sunday, October 4, 2020

Trump and the Plandemic

Now that Donald Trump has caught Cooties-19, I imagine we're going to see even more militancy in the ridiculously overblown narrative around this virus.

Predictably, we're already seeing his opponents using his illness as a way to scold both him and everyone else who doesn't blindly obey all the lockdowns and mandates. His White House gathering to announce his Supreme Court nominee, for example, was characterized as a "super-spreader" event -- but somehow, riots and shoulder-to-shoulder street protests never are. It's a woke virus!

We'll surely also see even more of a push for useless masks, whether from Trump, his handlers, Joe Biden, or the mainstream propaganda-pushers who started the whole mask narrative in earnest after the curve was already flattened. Now we're supposed to wear them because, what, cases are up? Well, so what? Cases aren't deaths. So long as hospitalizations and deaths aren't soaring, and they aren't, then there's no problem. (To the contrary, we need herd immunity.) And yet the media shifted the entire narrative from deaths to cases once we flattened the curve, evidently for no other reason than to keep the fear ramped up and the public obedient. And thus did the lockdowns stay in place and the mask hysteria begin.

Funny, though, how the "experts" were telling us not to mask at the height of the outbreak, but ever since then, the message has been "wear a mask or else." (Unless you're Nancy PelosiAndrew Cuomo, or Dianne Feinstein — all of them mask Nazis caught unmasked in public — or a Pennsylvania Democrat caught on a hot mic admitting that masks are political theater.)

Most of the the mask-pushers genuinely seem to think that C-19 is the black plague and everyone will die without a mask -- even though masks have never been shown to be efficient against viral spread, and even though the masks most people wear are so porous and have so many air gaps that they'll never do anything to stop the spread. Just look at the states that have had mandates the longest -- they're no better off than anyone else.

But to the maskholes, masks are magical devices, like lucky rabbit's feet. They'll keep the bad virus from killing you. And if you don't comply, they'll punch you, scream at you, throw drinks in your face, you name it. But they're the calm, rational ones who "believe in science," don't forget.

Anyway, if Trump comes through all this unscathed, his enemies will of course say he had a mild case. That would only prove the point that C-19 isn't lethal to the overwhelming majority of the population. But those pushing the narrative won't see it that way. They'll just continue to mock Trump and double down on their insistence on mask mandates.

In the unlikely event Trump dies, well, they'll all just cheer, like the sick vultures they are. And then they'll say "See? You need to take this more seriously. Put on your mask.”

Although if Trump does die, it'll probably be from the experimental drugs being injected into his body than from anything else. (Not surprisingly, the White House appears to have ignored Russia's offer of treating Trump with its own developed vaccine, Sputnik V — just as all of mainstream American culture has either ignored or fearmongered against it so far.)

Trump himself was of course treated with a hyrdoxychloroquine cocktail, which numerous doctors have reported success with in treating C-19 patients. But just as those doctors have been silenced on social media and in the mainstream press, so the naysayers will use his illness as evidence that HCQ doesn't work. Never mind that Trump took it as a preventative measure long before he was ill. And of course, never mind the medical evidence that you'll never hear — all because of a combination of Trump Derangement Syndrome and the mainstream media's collusion with Big Pharma to vilify a cheap generic that no one could profit from.

There are rumors that someone in the Biden camp deliberately infected Trump at the presidential debate. Considering how hard Biden's backers were pushing to keep him from debating at all — given his obvious cognitive decline, which would explain why Biden's people refused an earpiece check before the debate — this wouldn't surprise me. Not only will Trump's illness surely lead to canceled debates, but it also takes Trump off the campaign trail right before the election. How convenient, no?

And if Biden wins the election… well, get ready for a tyrannical police state in America to rival that of the UK's second lockdown, where cops are beating protestors and students are essentially being held prisoner in their dorm rooms amid a nonexistent “second wave,” and Victoria, Australia, where police barge into homes to arrest people for protesting the lockdowns on social media, rip people out of their cars, and forcefully mask handcuffed citizens in public.

And make no mistake — it's already starting in America, with people worshiping outdoors being arrested for not obeying local mandates, and a woman stun-gunned, arrested, and dragged off for not masking at a football game.

All this, over a virus with a 99.7% survival rate.

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