Tuesday, October 6, 2020

All Humans Are Equal, but Some Humans Are More Equal Than Others

More than half of San Francisco's stores have closed thanks to the lockdowns. But hey, at least San Fran's city government has enough money left to throw more than $2 million at pregnant black and Pacific Islander women. Because woke racism is more important than saving your city.

If you're one of the government-favored ethnicities, you can get $1,000 a month for 15 months. On what basis? Well, according to a proponent of the program, “Black and Pacific Islander folks are small populations in San Francisco that are overrepresented in terms of adverse birth outcomes like preterm birth, and we know that these birth outcomes are linked to stress, but also structural racism and the legacy of decades of discrimination.”

So here. Since your “adverse birth problems” are somehow caused by racism, here's $15,000 to relieve your “stress.” And you can spend it any way you want. So you don't have to actually use your free money to help alleviate the “adverse birth problems” we're giving you the money for in the first place.

A race-based giveaway is obviously wildly unconstitutional, but that's exactly how the Woke Left wants it. They don't believe in equal protection under the law, as guaranteed by the 14th Amendment. They want to drag us back to a pre-Civil Rights era where people were treated unfairly based on the color of their skin, only with the roles reversed.

If you find that hard to believe, consider that the California legislature overwhelmingly voted in favor of removing the anti-discrimination language from the state constitution. The matter will go before voters next month as a ballot proposal. If it passes, this language will be removed from the state constitution:

The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin.

Again, to be perfectly clear, that language would be removed from the state constitution. And this is not being pushed by right-wing racists, but by woke leftists, so they can openly discriminate in favor of minority groups.

There you have it. Discrimination is equality. George Orwell was a prophet.

The woke don't even try to hide the fact that reverse discrimination is their goal. Take this example from a California bike shop, which is proud to announce “Black Reparations Pricing” that will give you a 45% discount based on the color of your skin:

Slavery and Jim Crow laws were legal. Gerrymandering still rages on. No squawks of "reverse discrimination!" That's exactly the point, but a better term is positive discrimination. Positive because it doesn't hurt anybody, the way classical discrimination did and still does.

I've been saying for years that these people aren't interested in equality. They're bent on revenge. They want to undermine all the efforts society has made toward abolishing discrimination, only to restore discrimination and aim it at the people they blame for having discriminated in the past. In their minds, two wrongs somehow make a right.

That's the impulse driving California to push for legalized discrimination. It's the same impulse that has California now mandating racial quotas for corporate boards, legally enshrining the importance of physical appearance over merit. It's what has California now moving toward reparations — taking money from people who were never slaveholders and giving it to people who were never slaves. And it's what led the Motion Picture Academy — based in California — to declare that if a movie wants to win Best Picture, it will now have to meet diversity quotas in the people it hires to make a movie.

To top it all off, counties in California can't even hope to open back up from the C-19 lockdowns unless they show an adequate decrease in infection rates amongminority groups. Yes, we really now have COVID race quotas.

Of course, this madness isn't limited to California. The basement-dwellers who set up the CHAZ area in Seattle segregated off a section of their downtown-Seattle utopia for blacks only — and guarded it with white people. Meanwhile, the University of Michigan recently created separate “cafes” — one for whites and one for “people of color.”

It's like bringing back the whites-only lunch counters from the deep South — only now it's “woke,” so it's OK.

It's this same mindset that led the Associated Press to declare that “Black” should be capitalized but “white” shouldn't. One little change like that reveals it all. Wokeness isn't about equal treatment but about favoritism toward “marginalized” groups.

Let me ask you something. Have you heard of horseshoe theory? It's an idea that the extreme fringes of the political spectrum share ideological impulses, even if their goals are different. Once you move past the ideological center, the fringes start bending toward each other and end up moving in a parallel direction — like a horseshoe. And when the Woke Left reveals itself to be as favorable toward race-based discrimination as the far right is, you start to realize that horseshoe theory may be more than just a theory.

Take Ibram X. Kendi, one of the leading voices of the Woke Left. When President Trump announced Amy Coney Barrett as his Supreme Court nominee, Kendi proclaimed that Barrett had adopted her two black Haitian children as a shield from charges of racism — since, in Kendi's mind, all white people are racist. (A racist statement in itself, but never mind that.)

And guess who agreed with him when he went on a Twitter rant about it? None other than white nationalist Richard Spencer:

Kendi is not an outlier, either. Ashleigh Shackleford leads discussions on how all white people are racist and always will be. Whites are devils, demons, inhuman. All her words. And apparently she actually gets paid to go around telling these things to white people.

Meanwhile, the co-founder of Toronto's Black Lives Matter chapter, Yusra Khogali, says white people are subhuman “recessive genetic defects.”

Please, someone tell me how the garbage these people spew is any different, in any way whatsoever, from white supremacists who claim that nonwhites are inferior subhuman animals.

This is exactly where “positive discrimination” leads. It can lead nowhere else. And yet mainstream culture praises it all to the heavens — while those of us who, like Dr. King, continue to treat people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin are derided as far-right racists.

You can't make this stuff up.

It's often said when someone raises examples like this, and it always holds true: Imagine the outrage if the tables were turned. Imagine if we openly celebrated “positive discrimination” in favor of white people. Imagine if we made laws and set up quotas to that effect. The mainstream media would melt down. Yet we have the exact same kinds of discriminations being advanced and promoted by the Woke, and the establishment treats it as a great act of enlightenment for humanity.

When I see this insanity all around me, I get why white supremacists think the way they do. I really do. Sometimes it's actually tempting to throw in one's lot with them. After all, if you're going to be called racist anyway, simply for being white, then you might as well play the part.

But I could never do that in good conscience, because I don't hate people based on what they look like. I despise identity politics, and white supremacists are just as much about idpol as the Woke Left is. To ally with them would make me just as bad as the Woke Left.

Besides, it seems to be mostly white elitists pushing this Woke nonsense, and white middle- to upper-middle-class people leading the street protests and the campus indoctrinations. The stupidity of this ideology clearly knows no racial bounds. Whites aren't immune to it and are actively pushing it — see Robin DiAngelo as Exhibit A — so why would I side exclusively with white people when they're part of the damn problem?

Unlike the extremes at the opposite ends of the horseshoe, I truly don't give a damn what you look like. Whether you're white or black, man or woman, gay or straight tells me absolutely nothing about what's in your heart.

And what's in your heart is what matters to me.

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