Monday, November 2, 2020

Some Final Thoughts Before the U.S. Election

I felt like I had one more insightful blog post in me before the election. But really, I feel like I'm saying the same things over and over again.

When you get down to it, I'm just tired.

I'm tired of Big Tech's censorship.

I'm tired of all the hysterical overreaction to a virus that the overwhelming majority of the general population will survive, all the mandates and lockdowns that either do nothing or make things worse, and the censorship of any and all data that conflicts with the prevailing narrative of fear.

I'm tired of the woke bullies who will cancel you for having the wrong opinion, and the reverse racism of so-called "anti-racism" that threatens to undermine equal protection under the law in favor of reviving the old discriminations of a pre-Civil Rights world, flipping those discriminations on their head, and calling that justice.

I'm tired of seeing people rush to the defense of lawless thugs toppling statues of the Founding Fathers and burning down cities, while demonizing those who try to protect their homes, businesses, communities, and neighborhoods from domestic terrorism.

You probably assume I'm going to vote for Trump based on what I've written. Truth is, I'm not even registered to vote. Maybe I'll change my mind and register at the last minute at the polling place, but Trump is going to win my state no matter what I do.

If you put a gun to my head and forced me to pick from the two major parties, I wouldn't hesitate to give Trump my vote. Not because I like him, but because I dread what will happen if the Democrats take power.

Reverse-racist policy will spread like wildfire, free speech will come under even more assault than it already has, and the response to the virus could become as draconian and tyrannical as what we've seen in Australia and what we're increasingly seeing in the UK and continental Europe.

More people will lose their livelihoods over their opinions, as the definition of "hate" continues to widen from actual legitimate hate speech to anyone with an even remotely conservative point of view. China keeps people in line with its social credit system, and the same thing is beginning in the USA, with companies from PayPal to Visa starting to ban people from their services for holding the wrong views. Domain registrars have pulled their services from customers running websites that promote unwoke views. Now we see that even Mailchimp will cancel you if it doesn't like what you say in your emails. The next step from here is to be denied things like banking and credit services. The tyrants in power won't need gulags to control the rabble-rousers. They'll just cut you off from the ability to buy and sell and let you starve to death.

This is what's coming, and it's only going to get worse. Trump might hold back the onslaught for a while if he wins, but the fact is that the woke far left controls every major institution in America, including monopolistic corporations with virtually unlimited amounts of money and power to impose their will. "Private companies can do what they want," people keep saying. That might hold true in a world where massive corporations didn't have enough power to control our lives. But the fact is that they do. And no one in D.C. is going to do anything about it, because the corporations own the politicians, too.

That means real change falls on those of us who want a better world for ourselves and our kids. No politician is going to help. Voting isn't even really going to help at this point. I mean, sure, vote if you want, but just understand that the deck is hopelessly stacked if you want to change things through the political process. I think that those of us who value individual liberty and free speech are going to ultimately have to set up our own alternatives to the woke corporate world. There are already social-media companies built around the protection of free speech, like MindsGabParler, and Wimkin. (And of course, there are other good alternatives like VK.) Now people just need to actually use them and stop supporting companies that would cancel any of us in a heartbeat.

Building viable alternative systems won't happen overnight, and it's not going to be easy. If things really go south, we may even need to start thinking about outright political secession. Because the alternative is to be trapped in a political and economic system that's hostile to you. And make no mistake: The left wants you either put on trial for wrongthink (NBC's Chris Hayes), imprisoned for supporting Trump (Keith Olbermann), or lined up against a wall and shot (former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo).

NBC News even has a "reporter," Brandy Zadrozny, who's made a career out of leading ideological purges against the right. She outright doxxes Trump supporters and members of conservative organizations, and then openly brags on social media about the people she harasses and the lives she destroys.

These people don't want to coexist with you. They want you silenced and annihilated.

Just remember...

It's the left that pushes endless lockdowns that are destroying economic and mental health alike.

It's the left that defends riots and calls them peaceful protests, while smearing armed patriots as dangerous right-wing extremists.

It's the left that wants you to hate yourself for the pigmentation you were born with.

It's the left that wants Big Tech to have even more power than it already does to censor what you say.

It's the left that censors news reports unfavorable to its candidate, and then smears the reports as "Russian disinformation" without a shred of evidence for such a claim.

It's the left that wants to pack the Supreme Court, turning it into an unaccountable activist superlegislature to defend its pet projects regardless of their constitutionality.

It's the left threatening to burn down the country if Trump wins.

It's the left that wants you dead.

Trump may be awful, but the alternative is a woke far-left totalitarian nightmare.

I didn't vote for Trump in 2016, and I doubt I will in 2020. But I don't blame anyone who does.

Good luck out there. 

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