Saturday, November 7, 2020

The Future

Well, there you have it. The coup has been completed.

I said all along that the establishment powers were never going to allow a rerun of the 2016 U.S. election. And you have to hand it to the DNC. After foisting Hillary Clinton on the nation four years ago, this time they colluded to clear the decks of all other primary candidates to anoint the one person who could be marketed as a harmless, grandfatherly healer of a broken nation. Rig the polls to install him as president, and now all that's left to do is to get him to step aside some time after the inauguration so the Left can back-door the agenda they wanted to impose on the nation all along. That's some genius-level subterfuge, you have to admit.

In the meantime, we're seeing the ongoing psychological manipulation of the public. The news media, without any evidence, continues to call every criticism of the 2020 outcome “baseless” and "false,” as social media throttles any mention of election shenanigans, in an attempt to gaslight the critics into thinking that they're just being too hard-headed and unreasonable to accept the results of a "fair" election. Now all the media has to do is get the normies on board -- an exceedingly easy task that's already well under way -- and then those of us who care about fair and democratic elections will be popularly smeared as anti-democratic extremists, who will then be silenced by Big Tech even more than we are now because our opinions are too "dangerous" to be aired. If you think Silicon Valley's social media censorship is bad now, just wait.

And so we've all now been witness to how you steal an election right out in the open, while tarring the critics of the entire sham as the bad guys. I mean, come on. Trump is leading in numerous swing states, and then the vote-counting inexplicably stops for the night? Vehicles arrive in the wee hours in Michigan to deliver over 130,000 ballots for Biden but zero for Trump or any third-party candidate? States record in excess of 100% voter turnout? The U.S. Postal Service in Pennsylvania back-dates postmarks on late ballots? In-person voters are told they already voted, or that they're not registered? Software “glitches” give Trump votes to Biden? Dead people voted? Republican poll-watchers are banned in Philadelphia? Observers are banned in Michigan while workers cover the windows so no one can see in? And all this on top of the months of stories of dumped and destroyed ballots, ballots sent to the wrong address, ballots never received, and left-leaning states increasing their window for ballot returns?

This is all pathetic banana-republic-level BS, but of course it's not at all unexpected. Just like there can only be one fear-based COVID narrative, with all other data to the contrary either fact-checked, shadow-banned, or outright censored, so any and all information pointing to election corruption is labeled as false even when the media doesn't even bother to check the allegations.

If you're horrified by the nakedly brazen fraud going on now, just wait till the doddering 77-year-old who can't string two sentences together is cast aside as the Trojan horse he is, and Kamala unleashes her far-far-left insanity on the U.S. as our BLM president. You ain't seen nothing yet.

Bear in mind that I'm not saying any of this as a Trump fan. I've never voted for him. I just want to see a fair election. Truth is, at heart I'm an anarchist -- I've just come to terms with the fact that humans will never be able to rid themselves of government, so I participate in the electoral process when I feel like it by voting for the candidate I'd most like to see win, regardless of whether that person has any chance of actually winning. If we all did that, instead of holding our noses to choose a lesser evil, maybe the good guys could actually win and we'd end up with better leaders.

But most people won't do that. If they wouldn't do in 2016 or 2020, when faced with such horrid choices from the two major parties, then they never will. And so this election serves as a stark reminder of why voting, in the end, will never accomplish much, especially at the federal level. It gives people the illusion that they have a say in who rules over them, but ultimately, those with the real power will decide who wins and loses. And since most people will vote to support the current system, the current system will continue to win either way.

The system saw Trump as a glitch in the matrix, which was why he had to go. Four years of baseless claims of Russian interference couldn't get rid of him, nor could a sham of an impeachment process. But game a virus with plenty of ginned-up fear to push for mail-in voting with wildly generous ballot return times, all while getting your media cronies to "fact-check" any criticism and watchdogging of the process, and surprise, surprise, you can manufacture any outcome you want.

What's next? Ramped-up woke intolerance for certain. More police-state COVID actions, most likely. It's a given that Big Tech censorship will ramp up even further. Who knows what else will happen. For now, I'll stick to VK and free-speech-oriented platforms like Minds, at least until the “tolerant” “liberals” come to shut these places down. I'm certainly not going to give my time and energy to the crooked corporate behemoths in Silicon Valley that helped perpetuate this election sham on the people.

As always, good luck out there.

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