Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Think for Yourself and Question Everything

We're in a situation now where what seemed like madness yesterday is defended or even compulsory today.

In an area with zero confirmed cases, in a state with eight cases overall and zero deaths, a local shop owner that we'll be dealing with later in the week called to inform us that he's sanitizing his facility and that he and his crew will be wearing gloves and masks. He wants us to know that he's taking every possible precaution to keep his customers safe.

In an area with zero confirmed cases, in a state with eight cases overall and zero deaths, our pediatric dentist informed us that when our daughter goes in for oral surgery this week, their people will be wearing the equivalent of hazmat suits. We can only accompany our daughter inside if we submit to having our temperature taken. Only one parent will be allowed inside, and that parent will have to wash hands before signing anything. 

For a mutation of a virus that hits every flu season. That has a 97% recovery rate. That has claimed the lives of fewer than 100 Americans, while the flu has killed at least 20,000 this year.

If you want to know what brainwashing looks like, look around your world today. If you want to know what social conditioning looks like, or mass hysteria, or suspension of critical thought, or blind obedience to authority, just look around.

History will look back on this time, with the social and economic collapse to come, as a dark time caused by a terrible viral threat. Those of us who haven't lost our minds will know the truth. Just as people are derided today for questioning the flimsy official narrative of 9/11, so those who question today's global panic will be derided as fringe lunatics -- corona-truthers -- for failing to fall in line. 

Remember. Remember how willingly the public handed over its critical faculties. Remember how we practically begged for our freedoms to be stripped away to those more than happy to take them, all because we let irrationality and panic dictate our decisions.

My kiddo says she's scared. So am I. Not of some bug, but of the way her world will change so drastically because a panicked population freely allowed it to happen. In this time of madness, we keep reiterating to her, as we always have, that she should always, always, always think for herself and never trust what someone tells her just because that person is a grown-up or an expert or a government official. If someone tells her to do something, she is to ask why. If that person can't justify his command, she is free to disregard it. 

That is how we have raised her, and that is how we should be raising our future generations. Because what are kids being told right now? To fear and obey. We need to be teaching them not to shut off their brains. Not to blindly submit to authority. Not to let fear override their critical thinking. But to question everything.

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