Friday, March 20, 2020

Small Beacons of Hope

These kids are my new heroes.

In a world gripped by hysteria and increasing authoritarian lockdowns, these college students on spring break decided to live life on the beach in Florida.

Of course, Florida's governor went on TV to scold them all like an overbearing parent, while local governments are starting to shut down the beaches.

It seems the line that all the fearmongerers are settling in on is the idea of killing Grandma. You know, the same Grandma you couldn't be bothered to even pick up the phone to call a week ago. That's how they're going to keep people in line. There's always some kind of emotional blackmail involved in times like these. In 2001, if you didn't agree with the overnight encroachments on your freedoms with the Patriot Act and the creation of the TSA and Fatherland (sorry, "Homeland") Security, the question you were gaslighted with was "Why do you hate America?" Now, for those pointing out the insane crackdowns over a bug, you're gaslighted with "Why do you hate old people?"

The answer in both cases, of course, is "I don't, and you can't shame me into compliance."

After all, if we want to talk about hating old people, why have we made them prisoners in their own nursing homes, unable to have any visitors whatsoever? That says "I hate old people" more than anything I can think of -- to abandon them and completely isolate them.

When the world has lost its mind, we absolutely must seek out those voices that challenge the official narrative -- at least until they get censored. We cannot allow ourselves to be cowed into silence or submission. Take, for example, the reports coming out of locked-down Italy, suggesting that only two people out of the hundreds who have died are certain to have perished from the virus -- the rest had other underlying diseases.

The very fact that the media rush to tell you that that they all died from COVID-19 tell you all you need to know that there's an agenda behind all of this. My best guess at this point is that this is a way to get a popular president out of office. Not saying I like him, but if Russiagate couldn't take him down, nor could impeachment, then certainly China, who hates Trump, could have manufactured a crisis to tank the economy. As a bonus, the coming stock market crash will provide cover for those who have artificially inflated the economy with cheap money for the past several years. And once worldwide markets crash and unemployment surges, Americans will be forced to adjust to far lower wages and a developing-world way of life. The wealthy and powerful thus reduce American wages to the paltry levels seen in China, while they get richer by the day. If you still don't understand where the priorities of our governments are -- if you still don't understand whom they serve -- just look at how the markets have received around $2 trillion in bailouts already, while American citizens might be lucky to get a $1,000 check. Good luck surviving on that when you're out of work and have bills bearing down on you.

To top it off, now we're hearing that the pandemic, and presumably the lockdowns, could go on for 18 months. If this situation lasts for 18 months, civilization will be destroyed. The world will have descended into utter chaos. There's no other way to put it. We have to begin to collectively push back if we want to have any chance whatsoever of saving our world. Already, all of California and Pennsylvania are under effective martial law and house arrest. This must stop.

For now, I also have another hero. Though I doubt I'll ever darken the door of a church again, I have to give credit to this brave priest in Minnesota, quoting Archbishop Vigano, saying that this is the time that the churches must remain open. This good man says that if forced to close his church, he'll find someplace else for his congregation to worship. In a time when priests are barred from even visiting the sick in Italy, and when they can only go to offer last rites in the equivalent of hazmat suits -- when they are prohibited from doing their jobs -- someone has to speak up.

I've been critical of Vigano in the past for his public comments against Pope Francis. Now I'm starting to wonder if those who have been critical of the church under his leadership were right all along. What church, in a time like this, would close out the faithful from the Eucharist? Only a church that no longer believes what it says could do such a thing.

Right now, we have an SSPX church hanging on, and actually adding more Masses. They get it. But I imagine it's just a matter of time until they cave in as well.

At this rate, the future of the church may be in some underground equivalent of the catacombs, back in the early days of the faith, when worship was illegal. It boggles the mind that we've come to this so quickly.

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