Tuesday, November 15, 2022

A Post-Mortem, for the Election, and for the West

I think that this picture might do a better job than any other I've seen to illustrate the impending death of Western civilization. 

More on that in a moment. First, the midterms. 

As we now know, the landslide that Republicans should have enjoyed amounted to a big, fat nothingburger. Part of that comes down to continued election corruption -- isn't it funny that whenever there's a slow-walk count of the votes, like in banana-republic Arizona, Democrats always "find" the votes they need to win? -- but an even larger part has to be laid at the feet of voters who have proved themselves to be absolute drooling morons.

How else do you explain the re-election of Gretchen Whitmer, the poster girl for draconian COVID overreach, unless the voters in Michigan have Stockholm syndrome? How do you explain victories for a gubernatorial candidate in Arizona who refused to even debate, and a Senate candidate in Pennsylvania who, thanks to the ravages of a stroke, literally can't put together a coherent sentence? 

Not in a million years could you make something like this up. 

Republicans have been quick to blame Donald Trump, claiming that his endorsements were a kiss of death. But the fact is that the vast majority of his endorsed candidates won their elections. Granted, if I were a Republican, I'd want to distance myself from the narcissistic buffoon too. But Trump isn't the problem. It really does come down to a toxic stew of fraud and voter idiocy. There's no other way to explain how the party that brought us the worst inflation in 40 years, wokeness on steroids, throttled domestic oil production, lockdowns and mandates, and bottomless funding for Nazis in Ukraine could get voted back into office. 

Even here in conservative and still mostly traditional Idaho, our lockdown-happy governor overwhelmingly won re-election. There's some small comfort in knowing that Ammon Bundy won the votes of over 101,000 liberty-loving Idahoans, that he finished only three percentage points behind the Democratic candidate, and that he piled up more votes in many Idaho counties than the Democrat did, even despite the constant smears Bundy endured from the media. Yet at the same time, 17.2% of the vote isn't going to win an election anytime soon. It just doesn't seem as if there are enough people left who actually care about liberty, limited government, individual rights, and constitutional principles to win the fight. 

As far as election fraud goes, let's face it: Any party that relentlessly claims that its opposition is a "threat to democracy," as the Democrats did in this election cycle, will manipulate the results to ensure that it remains in charge, if it really means what it says and wants to keep the so-called "threat" away from power. And the Democrats have every major institution of power aligned with them to make sure that happens. After all, if the elections are as fair and legitimate as these people claim, then why would they go to such great lengths to demand that we not talk about them? What's there to hide if everything's on the up-and-up? 

It's really a stroke of diabolical brilliance on their part: Run a fraudulent election, and when your opposition balks, just accuse them of spreading "misinformation." When you control all the messaging in the media, it becomes as easy as pie to marginalize the critics. Propagandizing the low-information public to embrace your point of view is the easy part. This is how dictatorships are born. And it's even more insidious in the "free" Western world because the people are under the illusion that they're still free, because they get to "vote." At least in a place like communist China, you know what you're up against. Here, you get people who blather on about "freedom" and "democracy" but will silence and cancel you if you stray from the narrative. 

And now we even have evidence that it's happening, thanks to The Intercept's report telling us that private companies like Facebook are actively working with the Department of Fatherland ... er, Homeland Security to control public narratives on social media. (Gee, if only there had been some historical figure to warn us that government and corporate collusion is a cornerstone of fascism.) This information goes a long way toward explaining why there's such a meltdown on the Left about Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter, which has long been one of the establishment's primary outlets of narrative control. It also explains why the government has announced that Musk is under federal investigation, in exactly the same way it weaponized the FBI against Trump when it raided his house. It's all about using intimidation to try to silence the opposition.

And hey, I hate to say I told you so, but it turns out all those "fact-checks" on social media that were so rampant during COVID were never about controlling "misinformation" but about censoring information that contradicted the establishment narrative. Their misinformation is OK; your truth isn't. 

Of course, this should surprise no one who's been paying attention. After all, you didn't think the government was going to stop trying to control what you can think and say, did you, just because the Biden administration shut down its Ministry of Truth shortly after announcing it? That was just a trial balloon to see how people would react -- and, perhaps, to take notes on who reacted. 

Knowing that this is where we are makes it both funny and sad to see our leaders bloviating about "maintaining the international order" by shoveling tens of billions of dollars into Ukraine, as if anyone in power actually gives two flying fucks about Ukraine. This is all about maintaining the West's stranglehold over the planet, even if it means Europe has to starve and freeze in the process, and even if it means blowing up Russian pipelines and then trying to blame Russia for it, when Russia could have just turned off the spigot rather than destroy its own infrastructure. 

Really, what in the West is there to preserve at this point, other than the power and wealth of the people in control?  

Let me go back to that picture up above. The large, unattractive man in the center of the picture, surrounded by lovely young ladies, was crowned the "winner" of the "Miss" Greater Derry beauty pageant in New Hampshire, making him eligible for a scholarship that was denied to all the actual biological women competing in the contest.

Let's face it: Even if he were a biological woman, he would have been, by far, objectively the most unattractive woman in the pageant by a country mile. This is, in so many ways, the pinnacle of the kind of forced diversity that exists all over entertainment and the media these days, where people are awarded the roles they get solely because of whatever identity group they represent. A dozen or so actual women, all physically attractive and all no doubt possessing numerous notable talents and aptitudes? Meh. Ugly dude LARPing as a woman? Automatic winner! 

So first we regressed to a pre-Civil Rights time when color once again trumps character (or merit), with the "anti-racist" left creating an upside-down world where two wrongs -- in this case, sending whites to the back of the bus -- are perceived as a right. (Of course, the "anti-racism" seems to apply almost exclusively to blacks but not to, say, East Asians, who are just as sick of this crap.) And now women are in the woke crosshairs, subordinated within their own sex to make room for men, who apparently do "woman" better than any man does. That's the message being sent loud and clear to every woman with stunts like this pageant win. Not only do women have to share their private spaces with entitled, narcissistic men, and not only do they have to watch their records being smashed by men who invade their sports, but now they can't even win a pageant intended for women.

It blows my mind that this garbage is pushed by the most "progressive" members of our culture, and they're doing everything they can to erase women.

It's even worse when you see women participating in their own marginalization, as when women's rugby erases the word "women" from its own World Cup, and when a women's pro hockey league rebrands itself by taking "women's" out of its name to accommodate people who aren't actually women. How fitting that the "diversity, inclusion, equity" movement fueling this insanity abbreviates as DIE. It certainly spells the death of women's sex-based rights, along with any sense of logic and reason.

Not that the incident with the pageant "winner" is unique, either. Up in the People's Woke Republic of Canada, where the PM tows your vehicle away and freezes your bank account while calling you a fascist, this guy went missing. But read the description.

I mean, this is pure gaslighting by any definition of the word. If the elites tell you the emperor has a beautiful new cloak on, don't you dare point out that he's actually naked.

And this doesn't even touch on the spate of deviants targeting children, whether it's kids watching a sexually explicit drag performance in a bar with a neon sign on the wall that says "it's not gonna lick itself," or a "family friendly" "pride" event featuring a dildo ring toss for the kiddies. But call these people out as the groomers they are, and the establishment takes their side and censors you from speaking the truth. You can't say the word "groomer," while they can keep grooming your kids.

Woe to any culture that corrupts and sexualizes innocent little children like this. Indeed, woe to any culture that abandons decency and reason in favor of madness. We're up against a fanatical religion that's every bit as intolerant and irrational as the medieval church that resorted to any means necessary to silence the heretics. 

As we've seen ever since popular culture effectively banned the word "Christmas" because maybe 10% of the population doesn't celebrate it, we're bring ruled by vanishingly small minorities who are allowed to set the agenda and lord it over the majority because all the institutional powers have their backs. This is the opposite of how a tolerant and pluralistic society is supposed to work. In a normally functioning society, the majority rules but ensures and enforces protections for minority groups. That's essentially why the Fourteenth Amendment, and its guarantee of equal protection under the law, exists. Now in our dysfunctional woke nightmare, the majority is subordinated to the will of the minority, dragging us back to the segregationist 1950s but with the tables turned. Note that even the term "Black" now gets uppercased in print media while "white" remains lowercased: The upside-down racism is often subtle, but it's undeniably everywhere. 

Self-loathing Westerners with their guilt-ridden white-savior complexes think they're being "progressive" by doing all this, when all they've managed to do is create an apartheid-like tyranny of the minority -- a totalitarian one that's so "liberal" and "tolerant" that it'll destroy you if you raise the slightest objection. Western civilization cannot but collapse in short order under these conditions. 

This is the mindset that got re-elected, folks. This is the enlightened "international order" of so-called "democracy" that we're spending billions to defend -- and by funding Nazis to do it, no less. 

A multipolar world, with Russia, China, and other emerging nations coalescing to build their own interdependent economies that bypass the West, wouldn't be such a bad thing even if we weren't in this sorry state. But at this point, maybe it would just be best for everyone if the corrupt, vulgar, decadent, depraved West got put out of its own misery. There certainly doesn't seem to be much left to save, and not enough people to fight for what's left.

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