Wednesday, July 28, 2021

This Is Why I Hate Humanity

I made the mistake today of checking in on the news.

It seems Maskapalooza is making a comeback, because a surgical mask will totally stop a virus that’s about 1/30th the size of the pores in the mask, never minding the massive air gaps. And it’s all the fault of those who have the audacity not to submit to having an experimental, potentially cytotoxic vaccine injected into their bodies, to protect themselves from a virus with a 98.3% survival rate. It’s a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” after all. And apparently, immune systems don’t exist.

And “tolerant” “liberals” from Kathleen Sebelius, Obama’s former HHS secretary, to CNN’s ever-reliable nitwit Don Lemon think that all the filthy unvaccinated swine shouldn’t be able to shop, work, go to ball games, or have access to their own kids. Because, you know, a virus with a 98.3% survival rate is an existential threat. And even if you're vaccinated, you still have to fear the Great Unwashed, for some reason.

Tyrannical lunatics like Gavin Newsom are even starting in with the painfully predictable “you don't have a right to drink and drive” crap. Because letting a drunk person get behind the wheel of a hunk of metal and glass moving at a high rate of speed is totally the same thing as putting already vaccinated people at risk of getting a virus with a 98.3% survival rate.

All this guilt, fear, and shame, over nothing. The only thing these control freaks do is stir up unhinged people like this, who, like so many today, lets his emotion override any semblance of common sense:

Maybe we should just reintroduce “coloreds-only” sections in public places and turn them into “unvaccinated-only” areas. That way, the vaxxed — who for some reason are being told to mask again, even though they’re supposed to be protected from the Black Plague of Our Times — can be protected from the untouchables. Or maybe we should bring back yellow stars and internment camps. That would be neat.

The current news cycle is deliberately propagandizing the public into fearing and scapegoating “the unvaccinated.” Don’t believe you’re being manipulated? Try this on for size:

Bad, bad noncompliant freethinkers. If the world can’t get back to normal, it’s all their fault. 

And it seems like most of the public is lapping it right up, being played like a fiddle, just the way they did last year when all this nonsense began.

Seeing all that Chicken Little garbage today was quite enough for me to remember why I stopped paying attention to current events in the first place. Christ, if we devolve back into mandates and lockdowns again, I think I’m going to lose my freaking mind. And if we do, it has nothing to do with the unvaccinated and everything to do with all the clueless morons who are incapable of turning off their damn TVs and thinking for themselves.

I’m just dumbfounded. I’ve always felt like I don’t belong in this world, but that sense of alienation has reached new heights over the past year and a half. Fifty years, and I still can’t figure people out. Fortunately, I have a kindred spirit in my wife, who says she must be an alien with amnesia: She can’t remember what planet she came from, but she knows she sure doesn’t fit in here. Just two lost souls living in a fishbowl, as Pink Floyd put it. Thank goodness for her, because I don’t think I could have survived all this irrational madness without her.

Humans suck. 

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