Saturday, January 30, 2021

You Are Being Lied To

An incident took place last night in Vancouver, Washington, that illustrates not just the increasingly hostile police-state tactics being taken against ordinary people, but also the way the media can so easily distort reality.

At Legacy Salmon Creek hospital, a daughter came to take home her 74-year-old mother who had earlier been admitted for a urinary-tract infection. However, the hospital refused to release the woman. Conflicting reports say that either the woman refused to take a COVID test or that the hospital forced a test on her and wouldn’t let her leave for 24 hours.

The mother, who is suffering from a brain tumor, can be heard on her daughter’s phone at one point saying “yes,” she wanted to leave. Her daughter has power of attorney and wanted nothing else from the hospital than to take her mom back home.

The daughter called in allies to help her stage a protest at the hospital entrance. Soon, police arrived on the scene. The daughter thought — foolishly, as it turns out — that the cops were going to help her sort things out.

Instead, the cops escalated the situation.

The following video is a livestream of the incident. I have a feeling YouTube will take it down. I’m going to try to download it and will post it at another video-sharing site if that happens.

[Update: It’s now backed up at] 

Shortly after the 38:00 mark, you’ll see the daughter and her allies in the breezeway. On the other side of a pair of glass doors, just inside the entrance, is a group of heavily armed police. When the daughter finally gets the cops to respond to her pleas, one of the officers cracks open the doors wide enough to reach his arm through the opening, whereupon he grabs her by the throat and violently shoves her backward.

The crowd, now growing enraged at the behavior of the police, begins to shout at the cops inside. As one man steps forward and attempts to push open the doors, a cop shoots him point-blank in the mouth with a canister of pepper spray. (Mad props to the guy, incidentally, who spits out the spray like it was water from a squirt gun.)

Now, let’s switch gears. Portland TV station KOIN wrote an article on the incident that exposes not just its own willingness to lie about the situation, but also how the cops framed it in the aftermath. Here’s a link to an archived version of the article, just in case the station tries to hide its own shenanigans.

And here’s KOIN’s headline:

If you watch the livestream, you’ll see that no one, not even once, mentions a single thing about vaccinations. KOIN simply went with the police department’s characterization without bothering to do its own research:
The sheriff’s office said the group consisted of “exceptionally unreasonable” people who were “anti-vaxxer, anti-science types” who live-streamed the incident on social media.
Maybe if someone at KOIN had actually taken the time to watch the livestream, they would have seen that no one was being “unreasonable,” let alone “exceptionally” so. And the claim that they were “anti-vaxxer, anti-science types” has no basis in anything that occurred during the incident. It’s obvious the department chose to frame the protestors that way simply to poison public opinion against them.

There was no “anti-vax” protest, or even any talk of vaccinations. A daughter just wanted to take her mother home, and her friends showed up to help make that happen. That’s it. Nothing more.

But KOIN wasn’t done yet. Get this: “The group of people tried to enter the hospital through the emergency room entrance and someone in the crowd used pepper spray.”

Someone in the crowd. That “someone” was a cop who stuck a canister through a crack in the doors and gassed a man point-blank.
The KOIN story is a complete lie. It was framed to make ordinary people look like a crazed mob that necessitated a lockdown — a lockdown that the hospital chose to enact, and that it could have avoided altogether had it just released the patient to the care of her daughter.

Keep this in mind when you’re watching or reading the news. In a time when people are silenced by social-media “fact-checks” to control narratives, and when the drumbeat quickens of calls for censorship to combat “misinformation,” consider how blatant lies are allowed to go unchecked to manipulate your perceptions of the world. Reality is being distorted by the very people who insist on silencing “misinformation.”

As a reminder, one of these incidents was characterized as a “mostly peaceful protest,” while the other has the media shrieking about a coup attempt by a crazed rioting mob:
It’s quite distressing how easy it is for those in power to frame someone as a “violent insurrectionist” or a “domestic terrorist.” It’s also a grim reminder that we are ruled by psychopaths who want to gaslight us all into accepting their version of reality.

One potentially bright spot from the Vancouver incident is that those in the crowd — presumably law-and-order Trump supporters, based on comments made as the incident unfolded — spoke openly of how they felt betrayed by the same police they had so ardently backed. You can practically see the scales falling from the eyes of the woman recording the video, as she observes the heavily armed, militarized cops forming a semicircle around her and her friends:
It took us a few decades longer than the left, but we’re figuring it out. You guys just do what you’re told. You’re not here for us. You’re not here to defend and protect us.

[…] Let’s make sure, you guys, that they have more equipment, under Trump, right? We all pushed for that, right? Better equipment was what we said. We want them all heavily equipped to protect us, is what we said. Y’all are teaching us how freaking stupid we were.
Ever so slowly, more and more people from all points on the political spectrum are beginning to wake up. These Trump supporters now see with their own eyes that when push comes to shove, the police will take the side of those in power. Always. Every time. That’s their job. That’s what they do.

And make no mistake: The last thing those in power want is for us to stop attacking each other and see that we have more in common with each other than we think. The real battle in our world today is not right vs. left, but the people vs. the ruling elites. It’s a story that has repeated itself over and over throughout history. I can only hope that the story of our time can find a peaceful ending.

Incidentally, this story did have a happy ending, as the hospital relented and released the patient. In a follow-up video, the person behind the camera suggested that everyone get together to burn some blue-line flags, to protest what she now rightly sees as “tyrants” in her midst. Hope somebody brought the marshmallows.

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