Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Inevitable Collapse

I'm tired. 

I've been railing for years about the direction our culture is heading in. Looking around at how quickly every undesirable trend has accelerated this year, I think it's too late to stop a complete collapse. 


At a time when we should be having an open and vibrant discussion about managing a virus, we instead have monopolistic social-media companies silencing members of the medical community for not promoting the "correct" agenda. Whether it's a doctor being canceled because he advised the president, a Chinese scientist discussing the potential origin of the virus, or a group of physicians chronicling their success with a decades-old generic, if it doesn't fit the narrative, it'll be attacked as somehow endangering the public. (And if you wonder why a cheap generic drug would be vilified, just count how many big-pharma ads you see on your TV every day.) 

You, too, will be fact-checked or canceled if you question how the numbers have been juiced to keep the fear ramped up -- whether it's the fact that hospitals have labeled the cause of death as C-19 even when other conditions were present, or how positive test numbers have been inflated, or how the CDC admitted that only 6% of U.S. C-19 deaths have actually been from C-19 alone, with all other patients having co-morbidities. Did you know that over 90% of all C-19 deaths happen to those who were over 55 and/or already ill? Did you know that the survival rate is around 99.7%? Probably not, because that would let the fear narrative slip away and people could get back to a normal life. 

Or consider that the city of Nashville just recently got caught suppressing the numbers of cases attributable to bars and restaurants -- precisely because the numbers were so low. Never mind that small businesses are dying and the economy has crashed. Never mind that your life is still locked down. Psychopathic control freaks drunk on power have to keep you afraid and controlled, even if there's no justification for it whatsoever.

This is where we are. Science and medicine have thus been politicized and weaponized, with the aid of social media and mainstream TV, to condition you to accept one narrative and reject all others. 

Think, too, about how after we "flattened the curve," the media moved the goalposts. Instead of the incessant drumbeat on the number of deaths, the message shifted overnight to the number of cases, as if cases were the same thing as deaths. 

Apparently the media thought no one would notice. And apparently they were right. Within a month, a fearful public was conditioned to believe that masks work, even though the medical talking heads told us at the height of the pandemic that we didn't need them and they really weren't effective. 

And now we've gone from "you don't need a mask" to mask mandates, with the threat of fines and arrests for noncompliance. From there we went to stores refusing you entry for not masking even if you have a medical exemption, violating the spirit of the ADA and treating their customers like lepers. And from there we've gone to Australian police forcibly masking handcuffed violators in the streets. 

The slippery slope has never moved quite this quickly before. The UK, emulating Communist China, is now forcing its citizens to use QR-based tracking apps and submit their personal information just to enter retail establishments. 

Not to be outdone, Australia -- after already flying spy drones to make sure people were masked and not leaving the assigned perimeter from their homes, after sending the military into private homes to ensure compliance, and after arresting a pregnant woman in front of her family and using a battering ram to break down another man's door, both for merely expressing anti-lockdown opinions on social media -- is now considering a bill to arrest people who might be likely, based on their online activity, to dare to protest the government's draconian measures, creating a real-life Minority Report. 

If you don't think those measures won't come to the USA, just think about how many people were conditioned in such a short amount of time to accept a shutdown of our economy, and then to accept universal masking, and now to being encouraged to use Stasi-style snitch lines that let you report mask violations. 

Some people will accept any encroachments on their freedoms, and the freedoms of others, if they're kept fearful enough. 

Again, think about how absurd and heavy-handed the TSA's airport security measures felt after 9/11. Yet the public, fully conditioned by media fearmongering, came to accept the absurd and abnormal as the "new normal." 

Nearly 20 years later, the absurd is now routine, and any alternative seems unthinkable. Twenty years from now, will we be considering how unthinkable it once was to ever go unmasked in public, to not have universal tracking of people's movements, to not have vaccine passports? Because those are the things we're setting up to become the next "new normal" -- all over a virus with a 99.7% survival rate

Children are being masked in school even though they're the lowest-risk group of all. College kids are being kicked out of school if they leave a delineated perimeter around campus, turning colleges into the equivalent of minimum-security prisons. 

Do you really think this is ever going to end? Do you think any of this really has anything to do with a virus anymore? Or is it simply about power and control over the masses? 

Colleges are where another fight emerges, as institutions that were once centers of free inquiry increasingly fire teachers and expel students for refusing to bow to a rigid and divisive agenda of political extremism. 

Top schools are dropping admissions tests because arbitrary immutable characteristics matter more than academic excellence, while curriculums shift their focus from imparting knowledge and skills to indoctrinating students with "critical race theory."  

That same agenda has fanned the flames of destruction across the land, as the movement exploits a tragic case of police brutality to attempt to guilt the entire nation into rejecting the very Enlightenment values it was founded on. 

And rather than shun it for the violent extremism it is, companies, organizations, and communities bend over backwards to show their support and endorse the destruction of our very way of life. 

We're not just dealing with upset activists demanding positive change. We're dealing with extreme radicals who oppose the nuclear family, who want to abolish the police that help keep our streets safe, and who believe the United States is irredeemably racist and want to tear down everything it stands for. 

This isn't about reform. It's an open revolt against the very foundations of Western civilization. 

The postmodern radicalism of this movement first told you that biological sex doesn't exist and would cancel you if you disagreed. Now they want to tell you that your pigmentation inherently makes you a racist, all while its advocates openly work to dismantle civil-rights and equal-protection laws. 

Now it's woke to have segregated spaces for minority groups -- the "coloreds only" lunch counters of half a century ago were bad, but a "persons-of-color only" cafe at the University of Michigan is enlightened and progressive. 

Meanwhile, in California, lawmakers cheered the creation of a ballot proposal to remove the anti-discrimination clause from the state constitution -- so that institutions can openly discriminate in favor of minorities. 

All this does is move us backwards to a pre-civil rights era where the old discriminations are stood on their head and hailed as justice and progress. 

A new supremacy is emerging to take the place of all our work toward equality. Think about how Black is now capitalized and white still isn't: That's the best summation I can think of for where we are right now. The goal is revenge, not equality. 

But question any of it and of course you're a racist. Question the ongoing unrest in the nation and you'll be told it's mostly peaceful protests. Question the double standard of communities that praise shoulder-to-shoulder race protests while anti-lockdown protests are met with media shaming and even further political crackdowns, and you're a dangerous right-wing white supremacist. 

Want to go to church? Try it and we'll shut down your church. Want to reopen your business so you can feed your family? Try it and we'll strip your business license. Want to burn down churches and businesses? No problem. And it's all Trump's fault anyway. 

Businesses not allowed to reopen are being reduced to ashes, while statues of the Founding Fathers topple. The mainstream media actually, literally, defends looting, while radical DAs press charges against armed citizens protecting their homes against roving mobs. 

And the establishment cheers it all on. 

They also cheer on the gutter filth that passes as entertainment, while calling you an uptight backwards hick for opposing its cultural normalization. Netflix releases a movie about the exploitation of young girls by exploiting young girls -- a movie so explicit that it's recommended for adults only. Think about that. A movie starring children is not suitable for children. Little wonder, when it goes so far as to feature underage nudity. A regular person in possession of the same material could be arrested. But Netflix releases it, and the critics gush with praise. 

And have you heard of the new hit song called "WAP"? I won't dignify the song by quoting any of the lyrics, because it's nothing but a long narcissistic string of the basest pornography you can imagine. And yet once again, the critics heap on the praise, calling it a powerful statement of "sex-positive" female "empowerment." If reducing a woman to her genitals and what she does with them in explicit, crude detail is female empowerment, then we're definitely moving backwards as a society. There's nothing the least bit clever, symbolic, or thought-provoking about the lyrics -- nothing that could even begin to attempt to elevate them to some kind of artistic statement. 

The worst part, though, isn't even the song itself, but the fact that it's been No. 1 on the Billboard chart for three weeks. That means people are actually giving this sewage an audience. And that's a deeply distressing sign of just how rotten the foundation of our society has become. This foundation can't hold for much longer before everything comes crashing down.  

And let's be perfectly clear about one thing. 

The people praising porn as entertainment... 

The people justifying riots and calling you a racist... 

The people who want to cancel you for having the wrong opinion... 

The people who fact-check out of existence every narrative the corporate establishment disapproves of... 

The people who call riots peaceful protests while threatening to arrest you for so much as complaining about the lockdowns and mandates... 

The people who continue the lockdowns long after the curve was flattened, destroying the economy over a virus that the overwhelming majority will completely recover from... 

The people who order you to wear a useless mask, with no end in sight... 

The people threatening more violence if Trump wins... 

They're all the same people. 

They're a puritanical cult of political inquisitors, dividing us with the poison of identity politics and demanding complete ideological conformity, from you and from everyone else. 

The masks that they insist you wear couldn't be a more fitting political symbol: They want you to shut up, obey, and conform. 

And the worst part is, it's probably too damn late to stop them. We've let them take control of virtually everything in our culture, from the media and entertainment to science and medicine to just about every major corporate boardroom and academic institution. These woke Marxist psychopaths, direct descendants of Mao's Red Guard, will not rest until they've imposed their insane ideology on every one of us. 

Brace yourself, because it's going to get even uglier. 

Things are never going back to the way they were.

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