Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Lockdowns Are Over

For months, the media has shamed you and me into staying locked down in our own homes. Every headline was some version of "People Go Out and Live Their Lives Despite Coronavirus Lockdowns." It wasn't even news. It was propaganda designed to force people to conform. Want to go to church? Too bad. California's governor fought against your right to do so. Chicago's mayor blocked off a church parking lot. She also got a haircut when you weren't allowed to. Rules for thee, but not for me. That's how they roll.

Hang out on the beach? Get fined or arrested. Try to open up your business to feed your family? Get fined or arrested. Michigan's witch of a governor made sure of that -- all while her husband was caught having motored off to their vacation home. You peasants stay home. The rules don't apply to me.

Oh, but then the riots started. And the same leftist hypocrites who told you to stay home so you don't kill Grandma celebrated and cheered on the riots. Ol' Gretchen was out there arm in arm with the protestors, after demanding you stay home.

Apparently, C-19 isn't a threat anymore, at least not if you're setting fires, breaking windows, and stealing stuff from small-business owners who've already had to shut down their businesses for months.

Magically, just like that, the coronavirus is gone. Thanks, Antifa! For once, the terrorist lowlifes did something useful for the world.

Oh, the scolds in power will tell you differently. They'll tell you to riot 6 feet apart and set fires with your masks on. After all, they have priorities, and they'll tell you what they are. In NYC, as just one of so many insane examples, cops were patrolling the streets to make sure Jewish folks didn't congregate for prayer while the city was burning down.

Could the bullshit attempt to control people's lives be any more transparent at this point? If you're a law-abiding citizen just wanting to go back to work and church and do the things that make life enjoyable, you're a dangerous right-wing neo-Nazi white supremacist. But if you're a thug burning down the city and assaulting innocent bystanders, you're a hero who'll have the full support of the same people who were shaming and threatening you for wanting to leave your house.

The lockdown is over, folks. Just go out and live your life. Go where you want. Open your businesses. If lowlifes can burn down cities, you sure as damn well can go back to work. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Defy anyone who tries to shut you down or send you home. They have nothing but contempt for you, and their hypocrisy stinks to high heaven. Don't let them win.

Don't let anyone bully you into espousing their point of view, either. If the batshit social-justice left gets its way, they'll create Maoist re-education camps until everyone recants on bended knee (literally). Don't let them guilt you into calling yourself privileged or a racist.

And before anyone gives me crap, you can go back through this blog and see that I've been writing for years about the militarization and unaccountability of the police. But the solution isn't to disband the police. The solution is to hold them accountable to all of us, to make them serve us, to get trigger-happy hotheads and small-dicked bullies on a power trip out of the police force. And, most of all, to get them to be defenders of law and order that we can look up to, not militarized agents of an out-of-control police state that we all have to fear every time we get pulled over.

Look, the numbers are in. C-19 has over a 99% survival rate. It's not the plague and never was. It was a threat to the elderly and immuno-compromised. The rest of us were fine to go about living our ordinary lives. The lockdowns were never necessary, just like I said from the beginning. The media whipped everyone into a panic, the public demanded something be done, and governors and mayors did something -- most of them far too much. Some of them seem to be enjoying their power trips a little bit too much. And with these riots, they've laid bare their hypocrisy and contempt for all to see.

Well, it's time to give them a good poke in the eye and defy them to send us all home. We outnumber them. We must never forget that.

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