Friday, April 3, 2020

Groupthink Always Wins

Panic. Obey. Conform.

That's the pattern that has emerged out of our global mass psychosis. "Social distancing" and "flatten the curve" have become the equivalent of religious mantras. When masked consumers lean back while they pass you in the aisle and others stand halfway back the store from you in the checkout line, they're doing what they've been told, like good, obedient dogs, to maintain the magical 72-inch barrier around other human beings that will protect them from catching the New Black Plague.

Groupthink has one again prevailed, just like it always does.

Asch and Milgram would never have needed to run lab experiments if they were alive today. All they'd need to do is look around the entire planet to see how easily conditioned, easily propagandized, and easily controlled the overwhelming majority of human beings are. In no time during my life has that been more evident than now. Authority figures in the media whip the masses into a panic, so the masses turn to authority figures in the government to tell them what to do and how to act. Shut down your mom-and-pop and commit economic suicide, because we have to flatten the curve. Maintain a magical 72-inch barrier around yourself and all other human beings, because social distancing will remind all viruses that they aren't allowed to cross that magical barrier. Sure, the virus might be on the door handle you touched when you walked in the store, or on all the merchandise other human beings handled before you did, but that's OK, because the magical 72-inch barrier will save you. Five-foot-eleven? Nope, the virus knows you're too close. Step one more inch away and the force field will be activated. The woman on TV and the man from the government said so.

Better yet, let's just lock people in their houses and let unemployment skyrocket, while we create mass anxiety as human beings -- social animals that they are -- are reprogrammed to remember that merely touching other human beings will kill us all. Don't give a hug or a handshake, you social deviant. Do you want to kill Grandma?

Remember that authority figures always have your best interests in mind. They wouldn't lie to you. They wouldn't pump you daily with fear over numbers of new cases and deaths just to get you to obey them. They don't want you to beg them to please lock you up, take away your freedom of movement, in fact take away all your liberties, so you can be protected from a mutation of a virus that goes around every year, that most people will completely recover from, and that so far has killed 0.002% of the U.S. population and 0.0007% of the world population, while the flu has killed exponentially more.

Nope. Nothing to see here. Move along and "stay home, save lives." And if we see you outside your house, we'll snitch you out to the cops and make sure you're fined or jailed. Because that's how you virtue-signal like a good, compliant citizen in a time of mass hysteria.

Panic. Obey. Conform. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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